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Koleksi Buku Kanak-Kanak

. 3/3/09

CODE : WM-1S-119

Harga : RM 12.00 (Buku & CD)

Buku ini mengajar nilai-nilai murni melalui kisah-kisah dan lukisan menarik. Semua kisah ini diterangkan oleh Allah S.W.T melalui kitabNya Al-Quran.

CODE : WM-ED-201

Harga : RM 12.00 (Buku & CD) - 103 mukasurat

  • Mudah dan sesuai untuk golongan pelajar dari 5 tahun keatas.
  • Lukisan warna-warni oleh pelukis kartun terkenal, pasti menawan dan menyeronokkan.

CODE : WM-ED-202

Harga : RM 12.00 (Buku & CD)

The Most Wanted Nursery Rhyme offers the perfect music choice for every single stage of child's life. It is an excellent choice for bedtime songs to soothe your baby to sleep and also a superior material for pre-school and kindergarten music activities.

CODE : WM-ED-206

Harga : RM 12.00 (Buku & CD)

This is ideal book to shared with little children aged 4 and above. Each word clearly and colourfully illustrated. An ideal book for parents and children to enjoy together. With a free interactive CD rom, can let children learn pronounciation in 3 language easily and correctly. This pre school education series of illustrated book is designed to draw young children into joy of reading.

CODE : WM-ED-207

Harga : RM 12.00 (Buku & CD)

This is six stories compiled in this series in definitely the collection for the whole family. It is easier to teach young children moral values from our interesting stories.

CODE : WM-ED-208

Harga : RM 12.00 (Buku & CD)

This is an ideal reference book containing more than 300 words alphabetically arranged. The large, colourful and interesting illustrations make learning stimulating and fun for children. Each vocabulary is accompanied by its Bahasa Malaysia equivalent, makingthis an ideal book in helping children build up their Bahasa Malaysia vocabulary too.